With over 20 years of experience, Kathleen has become an industry leader with her beautifully sculpted photographs portraying the best of every occasion. Her artistically discerning eye behind the camera is responsible for her characteristic compositions, vibrant colors and perfect lighting in every situation.

To create the perfect image, it is paramount to work with a photographer that understand the style and feel you want to create.  A photographer that will help position and light you in a way that brings your inner beauty and finest features to the forefront.

Kathleen has an innate knowledge of how to bring out the best in her clients, whom she considers friends by the end of their photography session. Working with people is fun and exciting and once you get someone to relax it is easy to guide them into a pose that flatters their face and body, ensuring the best pictures possible.

Whether you are after family portraits, high school seniors, children, corporate, or food and still life, Kathleen has a vast amount of experience to call on to suit your needs.

Kathleen has a studio in the Redland area advantageously situated on a sprawling 7 acre yard to use as a lush, natural backdrop.  Her approachable and friendly manner make your photography sessions a pleasant experience from beginning to end.

Kathleen’s enthusiasm continues to build as she sees what she can do with each new situation.

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